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The European Legal Training Center is dedicated to providing high-quality legal training to qualified lawyers and other service providers within the legal sector and beyond both in Cyprus and abroad. Our approach to training is a practical approach, we offer courses that demonstrate to our delegates ‘how to’ rather than a theoretical or academic approach. All our trainers are experts in their field, providing practical advice, templates and secrets of the trade. We are able to cater to training in-house and offer multi-company training through the HRDA and offer non-HRDA funded courses at affordable prices. 


In addition, we offer firms and corporations the opportunity to collaborate with us by showcasing their talent through training programs offered through our platform. We have a vast network of education providers throughout Europe and the UK and aim to provide courses that are up-to-date and of a professional standard, in keeping with our European counterparts, to help professional service providers stay abreast in the ever-changing and complicated legal services market. 


ELTC is accredited by the Human Resource and Development Agency to provide funded training courses, we are accredited by the Cyprus Bar Association to offer verified continuous professional development training. We are also accredited by the Cambridge Law Studio in the UK and are the official educational sponsors of the Cyprus Fiduciary Association. 


Our courses are constantly being revised and updated to respond to the constantly evolving legal environment and the needs of students, professionals and businesses. Contact us to find out more or to discuss your training needs.




  1. HRDA-funded practical training programs – multi-company courses 

  2. Non-HRDA practical training programs – multi-company courses 

  3. In house be-spoke funded training 

  4. Tuition for exams for various regulatory bodies in Cyprus. 

  5. Online or face-to-face training, outside of work hours ensures that trainees are not disrupted from their work. 

  6. Online face-to-face training during working hours to suit your company objectives and needs. 

  7. Visiting trainers/lecturers from abroad to facilitate the import of knowledge, skills and experience from the European and UK market.

  8. Up-to-date training courses in a variety of sectors are constantly being updated and reviewed. 





At ELTC, we collaborate with a number of firms and lawyers who wish to provide training services through our training center and our platform. Why should you train with us? 

  1. We advertise courses both based on the subject matter and the CV of the trainer. 

  2. You will gain exposure and advertising for your firm/company/corporation through the provision of training programs in a specific field. 

  3. You can Showcase and demonstrate talent, knowledge and capability.

  4. In addition, through working with ELTC you can show the international market that your employees are experts in their field. 




  1. Employee training and development programs are essential to the success of businesses worldwide. Not only do these programs offer opportunities for staff to improve their skills, but also for employers to enhance employee productivity and improve company culture. 

  2. The right employee training is critical to enhancing the productivity of employees. 

  3. Through training, employees can prepare for additional responsibilities and undertake multiple roles. 

  4. Employee training can help staff stay up to date on changes in their industry. 

  5. Staff can be shown through training, new ways to think and work. 

  6. Update and train new employees so that they can hit the ground running. 

  7. Training and development programs can educate employees about new skills or provide updates on existing skills to enhance productivity. 

  8. Encourage continuous development in your workforce. 

  9. Instil confidence in your employees 

  10. Clarify expectations with your staff through training objectives. 

  11. Enhance your employee engagement. Providing training can show that the employer is willing to support their employees throughout their careers and that they are valued members of the team.  



You can find more information about ELTC here: contact them at or call on 70088871

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