The European Legal Training Centre (E.L.T.C) is dedicated to providing high quality legal training to qualified and prospective lawyers at all stages of their legal education. We pride ourselves on offering legal training “by lawyers for lawyers” along with career guidance and direction. Our expert team consists of professional lawyers and academics with wide ranging, cross-jurisdictional experience in legal practice, litigation, corporate law and academic legal education. 


Our range of specially designed courses along with our vast network of associates both in Cyprus and abroad means that we can assist prospective law students with their law school applications, preparation, training, and placements and provide continuous professional development to qualified lawyers at all stages of their legal career. Law graduates from non-common law jurisdictions can enroll on our “Introduction to Common Law” course which is specially designed to provide an insight into the common law system and how it functions. Furthermore, trainee lawyers wishing to take the Cyprus Bar Exams can enroll on any of our revision sessions for additional assistance in succeeding in their exams. 


We have developed an excellent local and international network to assist young lawyers with securing internships and placements in order to gain first hand legal experience within law firms both in Cyprus and abroad. Qualified Advocates can choose from a plethora of continuous professional development (CPD) courses in order to secure the requisite CPD hours per year as per the requirements of the Cyprus Legal Council. 


Our courses and seminars are constantly being updated and revised to respond to the constantly evolving legal environment and the needs of students, graduates and businesses. 

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