Admissions & Registration Procedure Policies

Admissions policy and Registration Procedures Policy – European Legal Training Center

The Admissions policy is subject to the Privacy Policy, Data Protection Policy and Equality policy of the Center.

ELTRC may not recruit students that are currently attending or admitted to another school offering a similar program of study. A person is eligible for regular entry into ELTRC if the student meets the following criteria:

  • Must be at least 17 years of age. Age will be verified with the individual’s ID.  If no ID is available, then a birth certificate will be required.
  • Have a high school diploma or high school transcript showing a graduation date; or if unavailable to obtain a copy, complete a high school diploma self-certification form.


ELTRC is not required to take attendance.  

Students who are receiving funding by the HRDA, are required to attend class a minimum of eighty percent (75%) of the total program hours – Your attendance will be noted by the admin of the seminar. Please see the relevant policy on HRDA Funded Seminars.

Students who wish to receive CPD points from the Cyprus Bar Association must attend 100% of the seminar. Your attendance will be noted by the admin of the seminar. – Please see the relevant policy on CPD Seminars.


Students who wish to withdraw from the Center should contact the admissions office immediately.  ELTRC will terminate a student’s enrollment for disruptive behavior.


Any student who has been dropped for disruptive behavior will not be re-admitted to ELTRC.  Any student who has been dropped for unsatisfactory progress may be re-admitted to school. Any student who withdraws for reasons other than disruptive behavior or unsatisfactory progress will be re-admitted after evaluation.


Each potential student must fill out the pre-approved and prescribed registration form provided to the student alongside their ID card. Registration will only be confirmed once the initial deposit has been paid. All those who are receiving funding from the HRDA must also confirm the completion of HRDA registration processes and funding documentation.

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