The European Legal Training Center (ELTC) is pleased to announce a 40% discount offer on all CPD professional training courses for lawyers for the months of November and December.

As the deadline approaches for Cyprus lawyers to complete their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for the renewal of their license, ELTC wishes to ensure their access to quality education and training.

Wanting to express its gratitude to the legal community for its continued support, the Centre is offering those who enrol in any training programme by 15 November the opportunity to take advantage of the discount.

The Center's carefully curated, hands-on courses, expert instructors and track record of success are important tools for the development and ongoing training of legal, and other, professionals.

Why take advantage of this limited-time offer:

40% savings: By enrolling in ELTC's CPD seminars during this period you can save a significant amount on your chosen courses, assisting the investment in your professional development.

Quality education: ELTC has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality education. Courses are designed to keep participants up to date with the latest legal developments and provide practical skills that will benefit lawyers’ practice.

Specialist and qualified instructors: Learn from and receive guidance from experienced legal professionals with extensive experience in their teaching subjects.

To take advantage of the offer or for more information on the training programmes available, visit the Centre's website at or contact us at or 00357 700 88871

About the European Legal Training Center (ELTC)

The European Legal Training Center provides high-quality legal training and education to lawyers and other service providers, both in Cyprus and abroad.

The Center adopts a practical approach to training, offering comprehensive programs and seminars, without relying exclusively on theoretical or academic concepts. It is staffed by recognised experts who offer practical advice, provide useful templates and share industry secrets, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.


Terms and Conditions:

• The European Legal Training Centre (ELTC) offers a 40% discount on the starting price of the seminar fees for self-funded participants.

• ELTC offers a 40% discount on the employer's contribution for those participants who are joining seminars with funding from their employers.

• Discounts are subject to availability and may be subject to change or withdrawal

• This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.

• ELTC reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at its discretion.

• All seminar registrations are subject to ELTC's standard terms and conditions.

• Participants must meet the eligibility criteria for the seminars as outlined by ELTC.

By enrolling in ELTC seminars, participants agree to abide by these terms and conditions.