Dr. Katerina Georgiadou

Legal Trainer, Chief Legal Officer (CLO) at Sync Neural Genesis and Lecturer at the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM)
LLB, LLM, PhD on International Law of the Sale of Goods

Dr. Katerina Georgiadou is an esteemed legal professional with extensive expertise in International Commercial Law. Holding a PhD from the University of Derby, her research thesis focused on the transformation of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) into the UK Legal Order. With a strong academic background, she obtained her LLM in Commercial Law and LLB in Law from the same institution.

Throughout her career, Dr. Georgiadou has held various key positions, showcasing her versatility and proficiency. Currently serving as the Chief Legal Officer at Sync Neural Genesis, a Swiss company, she provides invaluable legal counsel. Additionally, she imparts her knowledge as a Lecturer at the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM), covering a range of modules including Law of Tort, Employment law, and Criminal law.

Dr. Georgiadou's professional journey includes significant roles such as Supervisor of the Legal department and Senior Legal Advisor at Bioland Energy Group of Companies, where she demonstrated her prowess in energy law. Her freelance consultancy, coupled with positions at esteemed institutions like the University of Central Lancashire (UClan) Cyprus and Alexander College, exemplifies her dedication to legal education and consultation.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Georgiadou actively engages in volunteer work, representing Cyprus in the World Bank Group's 'Women, business and the law' annual project. She is also a member of the Cyprus Bar Association and holds certifications as a Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) trainer and Commercial Mediator.

With exceptional organizational, communication, and leadership skills, Dr. Georgiadou excels in meeting deadlines and addressing the legal needs of companies. Her proficiency extends to multiple areas of law, complemented by advanced computing skills and proficiency in Greek, English, French, and German.

Dr. Georgiadou's dedication to academia is evident through her conference participations, publications in peer-reviewed journals, and supervision of postgraduate dissertations. Her teaching experience spans a wide array of legal subjects, ranging from Commercial Law to Intellectual Property Law.

In summary, Dr. Katerina Georgiadou is a highly accomplished legal professional whose expertise, leadership, and commitment to legal education make her an invaluable asset to any institution or organization she serves.



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