Instructions to Register as an Eligible Participant to avail the HRDA Funding

Registration of an Employee as an Eligible Participant

  • To register an eligible participant to a seminar, you need to log-in the company’s account on the ERMIS Portal.
  • Then, select the first box on the left, as presented below, to participate to a course (the box is named as «Συμμετοχή σε προγράμματα κατάρτισης» and the button to register is named as «Συμμετοχή»).
  • In the next page, select the blue button named as «Επιλογή Κατηγορίας» to select category in the box named as «Δια βίου μάθηση».
  • Then, select the first out of the first boxes named as Πολυεπιχειρησιακά Προγράμματα Κατάρτισης – Συνήθη» by clicking on the blue box named as «Επιλογή Σχεδίου».
  • Once the new page opens, you need to search for the course either via the tool bar named as «Τίτλος Προγράμματος» using the six-digit number of the seminar, or by clicking either “cmd+F” or “ctrl+F” on your keyboard to search the seminar by its name.

  • Once you find the course, click on “actions” to proceed (the blue box named as «Ενέργειες»).
  • Once the new page opens, click on “Apply to register” from the menu on the left (named as «Αίτηση για συμμετοχή»).
  • Then, select the blue button on the right of the page named as «Συμπλήρωση αίτησης» to fill in the registration form.
  • Once the registration form opens, click on the blue box to “add a participant” (named as «Προσθήκη Συμμετέχοντα»).
  • When the new pop-up window opens, you need to select the participant’s name out of the drop-down list in the first field (under the title «Αρ. ΑνΑΔ – Ονοματεπώνυμο»), write their title in the company (under the title «Τίτλος θέσης στην επιχείρηση») and a short description of the participant’s duties (under the title «Περιγραφή καθηκόντων»). Then click “add” (named as «Προσθήκη») if more than one participants shall be register to the course, otherwise click on “add and close” (named as «Προσθήκη και Κλείσιμο»).

  • Once you add the participant(s), you should be able to see their name, title and duties on the table pictured below.
  • Lastly, to submit the registration form, click on the green button on the top left of the page (named as «Υποβολή»).
  • End of Registration Procedure
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