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The Cyprus Bar Exam Preparation Course for Non-native Greek Speakers is the only course in Cyprus specialises in helping non-native Greek speakers pass the Cyprus Bar exams. 

We have proven results, with many non-native Greek speakers passing the Bar exams following attendance of our course. 

This course is addressed to every future advocate that satisfies the following criteria where the only issue holding them back is the Greek language:

  1. A citizen of the Republic of Cyprus and have your usual residence in the Republic, AND

  2. Has completed his/her 21st year of age, AND

  3. Is a holder of a Law degree recognized by the Legal Council

This course is practical. The trainer will teach you professional Greek, and Greek legal terminology and introduce you step by step to each of the following modules in order to pass the Cyprus Bar Exams in Greek: 


1. Constitutional Law

2. Judiciary / Advocates Law/ Lawyer’s Ethics

3. Criminal Law

4. Civil/ Tort Law

5. Civil Procedure

6. Evidence law

7. Contracts

8. Criminal Procedure


Optional (Two of them):

  1. Company Law

  2. Family Law


The course is targeted toward people with a qualifying law degree who do not have a firm grasp of the Greek language but want to qualify as an advocate in Cyprus – with just the language restrictions holding them back. 


The course covers all the material required to pass the Cyprus Bar exams in the Greek language. Alongside this, students are taught professional Greek, and Greek legal terminology and are introduced step by step to each module through its terminology. 


The course aims to give non-native speakers of Greek the confidence and skills to pass the Cyprus bar exams in Greek. We provide you with revision cards, dedicated PowerPoint presentations with relevant translations from Greek – English and pre-prepared past paper answers. In short, we give you everything you will need to succeed. 


The course is aimed toward a person who is willing to work hard and achieve their goal of becoming a registered advocate in Cyprus – despite the language barrier. 


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us to set up a zoom meeting and discuss your options. 

1. To teach students Professional Greek to give them a firm grasp of the Greek language before

progressing on to Greek Legal terminology;

2. To enable students to learn the important Greek Legal Terminology in all subject modules;

3. To enable students to understand each topic and to give students a short introduction to the topics of

each module;

4. To enable students to understand the substantive law for each of the 10 modules;

5. To enable students to answer past Bar exam questions provided by the Cyprus legal council;

6. To enable students ultimately to sit the Cyprus Bar exams in Greek.

Total Hours 

60 hours of training time. 

Course Price:


€1300 + VAT full price. Payable in instalments


Who is the course aimed at: 


Students undertaking the course must:

  • hold a degree recognized by the Legal Council of the Republic of Cyprus.

  • Must be over the age of 21

  • Students must be registered with a law firm as a trainee before the exams take place but it is not a pre-requisite that students are registered as a trainee upon starting the course.

  •  Students are responsible for registering as trainee lawyers with a law firm or with the Attorney General’s office. 


ELTRC will be more than happy to discuss your options and give advice in this area, however, the ultimate decision is with the student.

Course Dates:


START DATE: 24/11/2022   END DATE: 10/03/2023


COURSE TIMES: 4p.m. – 8p.m.


PART 1: Greek language for beginners – 18 lessons 

These lessons aim to provide intensive Greek language training to prepare the students to undertake substantive law sessions. The course will begin with intensive Greek lessons until students reach a level where they can begin learning about each module in the Greek language. The Greek teacher will also be able to answer student questions and guide the students throughout their learning experience. 

PART 2: Substantive law for (20 lessons): 

These sessions will cover the main topics of each module along with relevant case law and legislation: 

UNIT 1: Constitutional Law

UNIT 2: Judiciary / Advocates Law/ Lawyer’s Ethics

UNIT 3: Criminal Law 

UNIT 4: Tort Law

UNIT 5: Civil Procedure:​


UNIT 6: Evidence law

UNIT 7: Contracts

UNIT 8: Criminal Procedure

UNIT 9: Family Law

UNIT 10: Company Law


PART 3 Past paper solving and Questions and Answers 

These modules aim to familiarize the students with the format and language of exam papers and the various ways in which questions on various topics may be asked. Through solving past examination papers students will be more prepared and more confident to sit their exams. 


Course Language:


English & Greek 

Course methodology: 


The course is scheduled and led by an instructor and/ or facilitator through an online learning platform. It follows the same structure and content as face-to-face learning albeit in a virtual classroom through videoconferencing and screen sharing. It will consist of lectures, PowerPoint presentations, assignments and collaborative activities among learners. 

The trainer/coach will use various instructional methods and plan and encourage in-class discussion. Students will benefit from a highly structured format which will allow student questions. 

All course materials will be available and accessible throughout the examination session so that students are able to refer back to the materials used in class for self-study, revision and reflection. Students will be provided with revision notes, revision cards and advice on how to study the materials given. 

Class size shall be limited to a maximum of 10 students per virtual classroom. 

Student - a person is entitled to be enrolled as an advocate if he satisfies the following criteria:


a. A citizen of the Republic of Cyprus and have your usual residence in the Republic, AND

b. Has completed his/her 21st year of age, AND

c. Is a holder of a Law degree recognized by the Legal Council


Firstly, you should enrol as a Trainee Advocate in Cyprus. Following the completion of the required 12 months of legal practice either in a law firm in Cyprus or at the Attorney General’s Law office, and provided that you have successfully passed the examination of the Legal Council for the Trainee Advocates, you will be entitled to be enrolled as an advocate, and therefore, to practice in Cyprus.


Certificate awarded:

A certificate of attendance will be awarded to each participant and will act as an excellent addition to your CV.