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Ms Iosifina Ioannou

Advocate - Legal Advisor, Trainer and Course collaborator, K. Sofokleous & I. Ioannou LLC

Ms. Iosifina Ioannou is a lawyer and legal consultant/advisor registered with the Cyprus Bar Association. Ms Ioannou completed her LLB Law degree at Nottingham Law School with Honours, she then went on to complete an LLM with commendation at Nottingham University. Ms Ioannou has also been admitted to the Bar of England and Wales having passed the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). Ms Ioannou was admitted to the Bar of England and Wales, the Honorable Society of Gray's Inn and the law society of England and Wales in 2017

Ms. Ioannou is currently a PhD researcher at the department of law of the University of Cyprus and is completing her comparative thesis on the rule of hearsay evidence and its admissibility in criminal cases under Cyprus law and jurisprudence. Ms Ioannou is also currently an Associate Special scientist at the University of Cyprus where she teaches international criminal law, focusing on the fundamental concepts and principles of international law as well as on the domestic and international institutions that enforce the law.

Ms. Ioannou is now the founder and partner of the law firm K. Sofokleous & I. Ioannou LLC, where she regularly represents clients on criminal, civil and administrative law-related matters before the District courts and the Supreme Court. Her previous work experience includes being an associate advocate at the law firm of Elias A. Stephanou LLC.

Ms. Ioannou's academic and professional achievements speak for themselves and is a rising star in the legal profession. We are honoured and proud to have her on board as both an academic advisor/collaborator and legal trainer.

Ms Iosifina Ioannou


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