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Mr Yiannis Polichronis

Advocate - Legal Advisor, Legal Trainer, Polychronis Yiannis LLC

Yiannis Polychronis LLC is a leading firm in Cyprus, which was founded in 2011. Throughout the years,
the firm has grown rapidly having encountered remarkable legal success. The firm is currently one of
the most reputable law firms in the Republic of Cyprus.

The firm offers a wide and diverse clientele, ranging from private individuals to corporate
entities and organizations. Yiannis Polychronis Law Firm offers an assortment of services to its
clients, covering almost every legal aspect.

The firm’s identity stems from the intensive involvement of the founder, Mr Yiannis Polychronis, in litigation practice and dispute resolution in the areas of Criminal Law, Administrative Court and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). Mr Polychronis possesses a Master in Law from the University of Cyprus and an undergraduate law degree from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Since becoming a lawyer in Cyprus, Mr Polychronis has represented a number of clients at both the National level and European levels. You can view some of his most high-profile cases here: In addition, Mr Polychronis is an avid author of legal articles and takes a keen interest in law reform in Cyprus. To view some of his legal articles, please visit this link:

Mr Polychronis is also very well known in Cyprus for his excellent advocacy skills and his involvement in the Prisoner's Rights movement. In fact, Mr Yiannis Polychronis is one of the founders and vice-president of the Prisoners Human Rights Association in Cyprus. An association that has experienced wide success in the protection of prisoners' rights on the island.

ELTC welcomes Mr Polychronis as an instrumental part of the training team, and is honoured to have him on board.

Mr Yiannis Polichronis


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