Real Estate Exam Preparation Course Course
Εξετάσεις για εγγραφή στο Μητρώο Κτηματομεσιτών


Start of Course: Beginning of September 2021 

Course Fee: 850euros + VAT 

Mode of teaching: Online Lessons via Zoom.


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The term “Real Estate Agent” refers to a physical person or legal entity whose occupation is to act as an intermediary for a land transaction for a fee. In parallel, Real Estate transaction refers to every transaction for the conclusion of an agreement for the sale, purchase, exchange, or leasing of immovable property for a period exceeding one month, including assigning the property with valuable consideration or through the transfer of company shares.

In order to practice as a real estate agent in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to register at the Register of Real Estates Agents and obtain a license from the Council of Real Estate Agents.

Our intensive Real Estate License Course prepares you for the exam you need to pass in order to be able to register as an estate agent and obtain a license.


This tailored and thorough course walks you through all the legislation that an examinee needs to know for the exam. The law can be a vast and confusing subject for newcomers and the task of learning the legislation can be daunting.


Our team of legal experts along with prominent and experienced real estate agents have designed this course specifically with prospective real estate agents in mind who are new to the study of law but are enthusiastic and fast learners. 

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What we offer 

High Quality teaching and expert advice

When you study with us, you will receive: 

1. Powerpoint presentation access, with all the information in bite sized form. 

2. Revision cards ready made to make your learning easier. 

3. Practice quizzes to help prepare you for your exam 

4. Lecture and explanation on all the areas of the law that you need to know for the exam. 

5. Ability to have your questions answered during class. 

6. Our support and dedication to ensure you reach your goals. 

Levitating Books

the exams

The exams are held by the Council of Registered Real Estate Agents in accordance with the Real Estate Agents Law article 11. The objective of the exams are to ensure that the candidate real estate agent has the knowledge required regarding the legal provisions relating to real estate in Cyprus. 

The exams will be in the Greek Language

The date of the exams will be announced. Provisionally the exam date has been set for October 2021 (as per the announcement of the council on their website which can be found here.

For more information regarding the exams and the exam deadlines please visit the Council of Registered Estate Agents website. 

*ELTRC has no affiliation with the Council.