The Illuminate Legal English Programme

lluminate is a ten-course online legal English programme for international lawyers and law students. This practical and up-to-date training opportunity invites you to study the legal vocabulary and common law concepts needed to work in commercial law at an international level. A major aim of Illuminate is to increase your employability in an increasingly competitive job market. This course does what a legal English dictionary cannot help you with! The course is accredited and offered by Cambridge Law Studio in the UK. ELTRC is an accredited partner of Cambridge Law Studio.



Illuminate is based on our legal English courses in Cambridge, they we have taught English to international commercial lawyers from all over the world for more than twenty years. The main focus of the programme is the vocabulary of commercial contracts, the vocabulary of companies and other forms of business, and the practical issues that any lawyer needs to consider in order to develop valuable commercial awareness.

There is no other legal English training course as beneficial as Illuminate on the market anywhere in the world. Start studying today and take a huge step towards your future in international commercial law!

What will you learn:

This all-inclusive programme contains ALL TEN of the Illuminate courses. 


We believe that Illuminate is the most commercial, practical and beneficial legal English course available anywhere in the world. It is a careful blend of valuable legal information, video lessons and comprehension testing, all of which you can repeat as often as you need to.


The focus is 100% on material that is useful to working commercial lawyers, providing detailed explanations of contract vocabulary, contract law and the liability of businesses for potential risks such as negligence and nuisance claims.


At the end of this complete programme you will be able to obtain the prestigious ILLUMINATE CERTIFICATE, sent to you by courier from CAMBRIDGE.


This programme is accredited for CPD points (CLE, USA) and you will receive a certificate for 10 CPD points from the UK CPD Standards Office, recognised world-wide, upon completion. The course is also accredited by the Cyprus Bar Association for CPD points 


CPD training is a requirement for most lawyers around the world and is also a great advantage on the CV of a law student looking for his or her first position in a commercial legal office.


Course access: this online legal English course will be available for 120 days after purchase.


This course contains:

Illuminate 1: The Formation of a Contract

Illuminate 2: Boilerplate Clauses in Commercial Contracts

Illuminate 3: The Liability of Businesses for Negligence

Illuminate 4: Sole Traders and Traditional Partnerships

Illuminate 5: Contractual Warranties

Illuminate 6: The Liability of Businesses for Nuisance

Illuminate 7: Damages as a Remedy for Breach

Illuminate 8: Payment Clauses and Retention of Title

Illuminate 9: An Introduction to Limited Companies

Illuminate 10: The Structure of a Commercial Contract


Illuminate is great practice for ALL THREE LEVELS of the TOLES exams in legal English.

 For the full analytical contents of the course please click here.


Length of study:


12 hours of accredited CPD points by the Cyprus Bar Association. 

Date and Times:


12/10/2021 16.00-19.00

13/10/2021 16.00-19.00

14/10/2021 16.00-19.00

15/10/2021 16.00-19.00

Language of instruction:



Course Fee: 

400 + VAT 

CPD points

12.00 ​(Accredited)

Course instructor: 


Androulla Poutziouri, LLB (Hons), LLM, ADVOCATE 

Admission requirements/suitable participants. 


Licensed lawyer, trainee lawyer, legal assistant, legal secretary.     

Application procedure: 

Please click here and fill out the enquiry form. 


Signing a Contract




  1. Start Date: 12/10/2021   

  2. Hours: 12 hours - 4-day seminar  

  3. Mode: Live Online lessons

  4. Accredited for CPD points in the UK
  5. Accredited for CPD points by the Cyprus Bar Association (12 CPD Points)