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What is the Human Resource Development Agency? 


The Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) is a body governed by public law founded by the 21 Law of 1974 under the name of Cyprus Industrial Training Authority. 1 of November 1999 entered into force on Human Resource Development Law no. 125 (I) of 1999. The HRDA refers to the Government through the competent Minister who, under the above law, is the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance.


Managed by 13 Board of Directors with a tripartite character, involving representatives of the Government, Employers and Trade Unions.


The mission of the HRDA is to create the prerequisites for planned and systematic training and development of the human potential of Cyprus at all levels and in all areas to meet the needs of the economy within the framework of the social and economic policy of the state.


In order to fulfil the mission and exercise the responsibilities and powers of the HRDA, it operates Human Resources Development Fund. Each employer is required to pay to the Fund a fee not exceeding one per cent of the payable earnings to each of its employees, as determined each time. The fee was set at 0,5%.


Terms for Registration on an HRDA Funded Seminar: 


1.    To register the employer of the participant student must have an ACTIVE account with the HRDA on the ERMIS WEBSITE. 

2.    The employee must be registered on the abovementioned ERMIS platform and be connected to the employer as an employee. 

3.    The Employer must make an application to attend the seminar through the ERMIS system. 

4.    Registration is required to participate in the seminar.

5.    The order of registrations is strictly observed as there is a limited number of positions that are subsidized by the HRDA (28 Spaces in total). 

6.    Participation in the seminar must be prepaid to secure your place.

7.    Training programs and seminars have the right to be attended by employees from private companies who pay social insurance contributions. 

8.    Individuals who are students, government, self-employed or retired can attend HRDA seminars, but will not be eligible for funding. 

9.    An employee can attend as many of the HRDA subsidized programs as he wishes. 

10.    In order for the seminar to take place, the minimum number of participants must be 6 or more people. If this number is not satisfied, the seminar can be moved to new dates.

11.    According to HRDA regulations, participants must attend at least 75% of the program to be eligible for an HRDA grant. In case the participant attends less than 75% of the program, the employer or the participant if he/she is unemployed, undertakes to pay the full initial amount of the program including the amount of the grant.

12.    In case of cancellation of your participation, a written notice must be made by e-mail, at least 2 days before the start of the program otherwise the employer will be liable to pay the full amount. 

13.    In order to receive funding the student/employee must be present at his desk, on his own computer with a working camera. Cameras must remain on throughout the seminar. The student must also have a working microphone. 

14.    Should the student/employee not attend the Seminar 75%, not have the camera on during the sessions, or not have a working microphone he/she will not be eligible for funding and ELTC may request payment of the full fee from the employer. 

15.    All course fees must be paid up before the end of the course. 

16.    All students must ensure that they have logged on to the ERMIS platform at the beginning of the seminar to log in to the register. This register will be activated and then deactivated by the student at the end of the seminar. Failure to do so will result in the employer being liable to pay the full course fee to the ELTC, as funding will not be available. 

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