Becoming an advocate in Cyprus 



Practising as an advocate in Cyprus, as defined in the Advocates Law, means: 

  • appearing before any Court to conduct any proceedings on behalf of any person;

  • preparing or perusing any document intended to be used in connection with any proceedings before any Court (pleadings);

  • registering of Trade Marks and Patents and appearing before any authority for this purpose;

  • drawing, reviewing and amending any Memorandum or Articles of Association of a company of any form and any document in connection with the incorporation, registration, reorganization or dissolution of any company;

  • registering ships and preparing any document about any right on a ship;

  • giving legal opinions for reward;

  • preparing and perusal of any document to be filed in Court about the administration of the estate of a deceased.

Application Procedure:

The letter/approval for the issue of the annual licence must be submitted directly to the Supreme Court.

The letter/approval is accompanied by a payment of a fee of €51,26. 

Following the enrolment in the Registry of Advocates kept by the Chief Registrar, the Chief Registrar issue a certificate of enrolment under the seal of the Supreme Court.

The Cyprus Bar Association keeps the book called “Register of Practising Advocates” and issues the annual license of Practising. 

The annual licence expires on the thirty-first day of December next following the date of issue and a fee is payable to the Bar Council the amount of which is fixed with regulations issued by the Bar Council and approved by the General Meeting of the Cyprus Bar Association. Any advocate who practices as an advocate for a period of up to ten years must pay the fee for the issue of the annual licence of €68 and €171 if the practising of the profession exceeds the 10 years.

The advocate should present before the Bar Council, to issue his/her annual licence, and professional indemnity insurance according to the regulations issued by the Bar Council  

An obligation under Advocate's Law is the registration of the Pension Advocates Fund.

The application for the issue of the annual licence of a Practising Advocate to the Cyprus Bar Association must be submitted directly to the Cyprus Bar Association


Eligibility Criteria:


Every person is entitled to be enrolled as an advocate if he satisfies the following criteria:

  • has completed his twenty-first year of age;

  • is of good character and he is not an unsuitable person to become accepted as an advocate due to any kind of behaviour which would satisfy the Disciplinary Board taking measures;

  • is a citizen of the European Union with permanent residence in the European Union;

  • holds any of the following qualifications that are- (i)he is a holder of a Law degree or diploma obtained in any other manner or by correspondence, from any University of Greece or Turkey or, (ii) he is a barrister-at-law of England, Northern Ireland or an advocate of Scotland, or (iii) he is a holder of a Law degree obtained in any other manner or by correspondence from any University of the United Kingdom, of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, or (iv) he is a holder of such Law degree or diploma obtained in any manner or by correspondence, from any University or Institution as the Legal Council may from time to time determine with a notice published in the Official Gazette of the Republic; 

  • has completed a training period of not less than twelve months at the office of an advocate practising for at least five years or the Attorney General’s Office; and 

  • has passed an examination satisfying the Legal Council. The examinations are conducted by the Legal Council on certain subjects including Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Evidence law, Torts, Criminal Law, Civil and Criminal Procedure, Immovable Property Law, Wills and Succession Law, Company Law, Family Law, and Court of Justice Law.