The Greek Legal Language

Learn more than just conversational Greek -

learn the Greek that will help you in your career

The Course 

This course is available to those who have a basic grasp of the Greek language but are not satisfied with learning basic conversational Greek. Over the years, many non-native Greek speakers have contacted us with the same concern. Most commonly we hear: 


‘I know how to say my name and what I did yesterday in Greek – I want to know the words I need for my job’


‘I need to know the legal terms that lawyers know so that I am able to communicate with them properly’


‘I am fed up of sitting in a classroom and being taught grammar and vocabulary drills, I need to understand my colleagues and legal documents’.

The Greek Legal Language Course has been designed and formulated especially for those who are non-native Greek speakers but who work within the legal, banking, corporate sector and or any, other  peripheral to the legal sphere, sector. 

Through the use of legal terminology we will help you to read and write legal vocabulary, conjugate nouns, conjugate verbs, form sentences, comprehend and read legal documents effectively. First, and most obvious, you will be learning new words that you probably have not encountered before. These words and phrases have meaning only as legal terms and so they are words that are not taught by classic Greek Language Courses or lessons. 


Sometimes Greek Legal language can seem like a new language on its own. Language teachers are unable to teach you Greek legal language due to their lack of knowledge and skill in the legal sector, but, here at ELTC we have combined the qualifications of a Greek Teacher and a lawyer to help you to get to grips with the vocabulary you need to build a foundation in the language required to effectively communicate, verbally and in written form. 

The seminar will be divided in 18 teaching hours that will help you and expand your knowledge and skills in several areas of legal vocabulary. 

We have taught this course for 2 years and had great success. With some students going on to pass the Cyprus Bar Exams in Greek and qualifying as Advocates here in Cyprus. 

The Course Aims 

1.    Read and write basic legal vocabulary

2.    Conjugate nouns (masculine, feminine, neuter)

3.    Conjugate verbs in the present tense (active and passive voice)

4.    Form short sentences

5.    Convert sentences from singular to plural

6.    Form and write short sentences using legal vocabulary

7.    Write complex sentences

8.    Read short paragraphs

9.    Learn and use adverbs and prepositions 

10.  Recognise and use vocabulary related to basic legal terms and parties to proceedings

11.  Identify grammar and syntax mistakes

12.  Rewrite sentences grammatical and syntactic correct

13.  Use transitional phrases (e.g., as a result) in writing.

14.  Draft a short conclusion paragraph.

15.  Provide a concluding statement orally that follows from and supports the argument presented.

16.  Write arguments to support an opinion or claim using valid reasoning and sufficient evidence. 

17.  Demonstrate the ability to evaluate, integrate, and apply appropriate legal vocabulary to create cohesive and persuasive arguments.

Course Details

Course Hours: 18 hours 

Course Price: €300 + VAT full price. (payable in installments) 

Course Dates:  06/10, 07/10, 13/10, 14/10, 20/10, 21/10, 27/10, 03/11, 04/11, 10/11, 12/11, 17/11. 

Certificate Each course participant will receive a certificate of participation. This will act as an excellent addition to your CV and show potential future employers your Greek legal language proficiency.