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The Future of Compliance – What is next?



HOURS: 1 Hour 

DATE:    11/03/2022 

TIME:     11a.m – 12p.m. 

PLACE:   Online 

PRICE:    FREE Online Webinar 

CPD:      1 CPD Points awarded 

AWARD:  Certificate of Attendance 

The need for training: 


To address the strong indicators of where compliance is headed. Referring to predictable legal developments, risk management challenges and corporate governance.


Who is this course for?


CEOs finance institutions of macro, micro finance, Compliance managers (banks and other FI’s), Investment specialists, Wealth management company staff: on-boarding, and account monitoring Internal auditors, Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLROs), In-house counsel, CFO’s


Course aims: 

1. To establish the status and meaning of compliance and the challenges for compliance professionals.

2. To gain engagement with fellow professionals on which issues in compliance will bring the strongest challenges in the future,


Course learning outcomes: 

 By the end of the programme, participants will be able to have a clear grasp of the challenges and how to meet them

Course trainer: 


Ian Ross, PhD(des) MSC, FCMI, ACFS, PGCE, BA., Head of the Institute of Financial Crime and Compliance (IFCC)

Course methodology:


Live distance learning via Zoom. 


Course Materials: 

We will use presentations, multi-directional discussions and case studies.


Course certificate:

Participants will receive a course certificate (Attendance Certificate) and 1 CPD point. 








Complaince in Perspective


Law and Regulation

The Skill-Set Under review

Open forum and Q&A session

The current challenges in Compliance

The evolving role of the manager.  Complaince managers and managers who have a professional connection with compliance issues (such as auditors and investigtors, HR professionals, et al)


What kinds of metrics and timeframes foreseeable will indicate when change will happen, and what those changes will be?

A case study of ‘crypto-currency’

How will compliance management competence be audited - in a regulatory capacity?


What will a future company compliance policy look like?

Open invitation to all particpants to ask any questions and pitch in their own observations and comments.