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The IFCC is a professional training institute structured within our parent institute, the European Legal Training Center.  Specialising in Strategic Financial Crime Management and Compliance training, with appropriate Professional Development.  Our key focus is on Anti-Money Laundering,  counter fraud and corruption, at all levels, as well as a range of other sectors.  Devoted to delivering world-class training and learning experiences to our clients. We give you the knowledge and skills that enable you to fulfill your role efficiently and effectively. 

Who are we?


Our Approach

Our approach to training is driven by the client and their needs. We take a collaborative, long-term view of our client relationships and we work with them to define the measurable outcomes that will make the training a success. 


Our Methodology: Practical Training 

Training has to be effective in transferring knowledge and skills. We encourage you to put your learning into practice immediately. The training materials we produce are full of useful case studies, examples, and exercises. 


You will be able to apply your learning to your own firm right from the start. The training you undertake not only enhances your understanding of the theory but encourages practical application, so you and your firm benefit.


Head of the Institute of Financial Crime and Compliance (IFCC)  

Mr. Ian Ross is an internationally established compliance consultant with 30 years of experience. Ian possesses a PhD in International Law, a Msc (Masters Degree) in Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption Studies, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and a Certificate in Higher Education in Law. Ian, in the past has worked for various international firms as a trainer and forensic consultant and Director of Financial Crime Risk Training. 

Ian is a Forensic case- investigations review expert supporting the courts and organizations with procurement and fraud-risk management policies. In addition, in 2021 Ian was appointed as a ‘Listed expert to the Cour pénale internationale (The International Criminal Court of Justice (‘ICC’) The Hague and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist

Further, Ian is an Anti-bribery and money laundering project advisor, supporting regulators, audit firms, global financial institutions, and large energy / industrial entities in the EU and the Middle East. Ian is also an accredited trainer for the Counter Fraud Specialist program (ACFS) and a trainer for the certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS). As a distinguished international trainer, Ian has delivered 140 training courses in financial crime subjects, amounting to over a 1000 hours of professional training delivery. 

In addition to his many achievements, Ian has also found the time to pen various publications, including ‘Exposing Fraud: ‘Skills, Process and Practicalities’ – book, published by Wiley - 2015 and ‘Overcoming narcissism and heuristics. Investigative interviewing of Corporate Fraudsters. Published by Konrad Lorenz University, Colombia (2019)’. and is the published author of 3 books in his field.

The European Legal Training centre welcomes Ian as a lead Trainer in our compliance and financial crime academy. We are thrilled to have Ian on board - his lively and engaging training style and excellent interpersonal skills are an excellent addition to our training staff.