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Partnerships remain a popular alternative to corporations as a way of engaging in commercial activities. This course looks at the key aspects of the Law of Partnerships in Cyprus and is specifically tailored to the needs of practicing lawyers advising clients on the topic. The course covers the Partnerships Law CAP 116, the relevant case law with special attention to the most recent judicial decisions, and finally practical aspects relating to the law of Partnerships that every lawyer should know.

What will you learn:

  • The Key Aspects of Partnerships

  • Rights, duties and responsibilities of partners

  • Partners' Liabilities

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Length of study:


4 hours. 

Date and Times:


01/10/2021 16.00-20.00

Language of instruction:



Course Fee: 

180 + VAT 

CPD points

4.00​ (Accredited)

Course instructor: 


Georgia Onoufriou, LLB, MS, ADVOCATE 

Admission requirements/suitable participants. 


Licensed lawyer, trainee lawyer, corporate administrator, compliance officer or dealing in corporate matters.     

Application procedure: 

Please click here and fill out the enquiry form. 



The Law of Partnership


  1. Start Date: 01/10/2021  

  2. Hours: 4 hours - one day seminar  

  3. Mode: Live Online lessons

  4. CPD Points: 4.00 (Accredited)