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The primary challenge to doing well in criminal law is learning the craft. Learning the sections by heart does not really cut it. Neither does learning thousands of case laws, though, it is definitely helpful to be knowledgeable.

To be a good criminal lawyer, you have to learn a lot of basic groundwork, from drafting good applications to handling the court registries. It takes immense skill to do good cross-examinations or ensure that the right evidence goes on record with the correct context. There are a large number of applications that one must learn to draft and file.

This course will help you to improve your skills in handling a criminal case. This course is practical – you will be given templates, guidelines and advice on how to handle a criminal case from an expert criminal lawyer

This course is accredited and funded by the Human Resources and Development Agency 

CPD Points: 15.00 (Accredited)

What will you learn:


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Unit 1: Criminal procedure – investigation of crime 

Unit 2: Criminal procedure – remand 

Unit 3: Charge Sheet – drafting, structure, contents 

Unit 4: Advising your client on how to answer the charge sheet

Unit 5: Objections the defence lawyer can make 

Unit 6: Procedure without a hearing 

Unit 7: the hearing procedure – the prosecution’s case 

Unit 8: the hearing procedure – the defense’s case  

Unit 9: Modification of the charge sheet 

Unit 10: Confessions and handling them with care 

Unit 11: Dealing Evidence 

Unit 12: The appeal 

Unit 13: Creating a strategy 

Unit 14: The relationship between you and your client 

Unit 15: Morality issues. 


Length of study:


45 hours. 

Date and Times:


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Course Fee:


Course fee without funding: 1300 + VAT 

17euros per hour = 765 euros or 80% of the course fee (minus VAT). 


For employees of companies: Employers Pay = 535euros (+ 247euros VAT)  

Course instructor: 


Evangelos Pourgourides, LLB, Advocate. Barrister 

Admission requirements: 


Participants must be qualified advocates in the Republic of Cyprus or a trainee lawyer duly registered with the Cyprus Bar Association. 

Application procedure: 

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French Lawyer


skills for handling a criminal case from arrest to appeal


  1. Start Date: 8/10/2021

  2. Hours: 45 hours

  3. Mode: Live Online lessons

  4. CPD Points: 15.00 (Accredited)