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Corporate Law Simulation Clinic


From EUR 200 + VAT

Total Hours

18 hours for all 3 or 6 hours per module.

Course Description

This series of courses are online seminars that offer a total of 18 verified CPD points by the Cyprus Bar Association.

In an increasingly competitive global and commercial environment, new to-professional lawyers are encouraged to be ‘commercially focused’ and ‘practice ready’ with the ability to apply the law to current legal, business and economic issues.

This course aims to bridge the gap between academic theory and the realities of practising the law, by providing students with the unique opportunity to apply commercial legal knowledge to a hypothetical deal.

The course will explore the role of the commercial lawyer in structuring and implementing deals, creating value, managing risks and delivering solutions in this complex legal and regulatory environment.

Via a combination of lectures and seminar workshops, students will navigate various stages of a corporate transaction, from receiving client instructions to drafting and negotiating contracts, assessing risks, advising clients and guiding the transaction through to completion.

Academic knowledge, theory and critical analysis will be applied in a practical setting, making lawyers more employable and experienced in the practice of law.

This corporate law simulation series is made up of 3 modules:

-  The start-up business simulation clinic.

-  The share sale and purchase simulation clinic

-  The business and asset acquisitions clinic

You can choose to register for one module or for all three modules. Depending on your experience and the area of law that you are interested in.

Aims of the Seminar: 

  • To enable students to develop commercial legal knowledge that will assist them in the practice of law.

  • To provide students with hands-on experience with the help of a corporate law simulation, including drafting contracts to reflect client instructions, negotiating and reviewing key commercial issues and guiding the deal through to completion.

  • To enable students to assess the structure of a simulated corporate law transaction and discuss plausible alternative options.

  • To recognize the context in which commercial law operates, including how a variety of IP, employment and property law issues may be integral to a particular transaction.

  • To draft and negotiate legal documentation, navigate legal issues and achieve beneficial outcomes for the hypothetical client.

  • Appraise the role of lawyers in a commercial legal environment.

  • Be able to read and understand contracts, have financial literacy, learn how to negotiate, structure a deal and manage risk.

Why is this Seminar Important?

  • Great business lawyers understand the business, are loyal to their clients, understand people, become a part of their client’s teams, are creative, solve problems and add value to their clients.

  • This series of courses will help you develop these vital skills.

  • This series of courses is a must for all young lawyers who are keen to undertake some hands-on experience of some of the most usual corporate transactions.

  • This series of courses is also a must for lawyers who have until now predominantly dealt in litigation but want to dip their toe into corporate transactions.

  • With this course, you will be given a pack of templates for each corporate transaction.

  • With this series of courses you will gain confidence to undertake these corporate transactions with confidence, knowing how to manage the deal through to completion.

  • You will be able to prove to a future employer that you are aware of how to manage these transactions, making you more employable – as you will have experience in this area.

Course Accreditation

This Course is accredited by the Cyprus Bar Association

Funding Available

This course is not funded.

Start Date


End Date


Dates and Times

21/3-22/3 (The start-up business simulation clinic): 4p.m. - 7p.m.
25/4-26/4 (The share sale and purchase simulation clinic) 4p.m. - 7p.m.
13/6-14/6 (The business and asset acquisitions clinic) 4p.m. - 7p.m.

Course Content

Students will be given a simulation scenario. The lecture will cover how to take instructions, what important information should be gathered, how to use a client care letter/engagement letter in the scenario, what documentation should be drafted, templates of legal documentation/contracts and or legal applications. Students will contribute to discussion on the pit falls of strategy, best practices and have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion with their colleagues and or the trainer. 

COURSE 1:  The start-up business simulation clinic.

COURSE 2: The share sale and purchase simulation clinic

COURSE 3: The business and asset acquisitions clinic

Language of Instruction


Course Methodology

Live Distance Learning via Zoom.


Ms. Androulla Poutziouri, Advocate - Legal Advisor, Trainer

Admission Requirements

Corporate administrators
Legal advisors
Fund managers
Compliance officers
Business consultants
Accountants/book keepers and or auditors.

Discounts/Offers Applicable

If the student registers for all 3 modules a 20% discount is offered on the total price.

Who is the course aimed at

Corporate administrators
Legal advisors
Fund managers
Compliance officers
Business consultants
Accountants/book keepers and or auditors.

Certificate Awarded

A Training Certificate will be awarded to those participants who will successfully complete the training.

Application Procedure

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