What is the HRDA:

The Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) is body governed by public lawfounded by the 21 Law of 1974 under the name of Cyprus Industrial Training Authority. 1 of November 1999 entered into force on Human Resource Development Law no. 125 (I) of 1999. The HRDA refers to the Government through the competent Minister who, under the above law, is the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance.


Managed by 13 Board of Directors with a tripartite character, involving representatives of the Government, Employers and Trade Unions.

Mission of the HRDA is to create the prerequisites for planned and systematic training and development of the human potential of Cyprus at all levels and in all areas to meet the needs of the economy within the framework of the social and economic policy of the state.

In order to fulfill the mission and exercise the responsibilities and powers of the HRDA, it operates Human Resources Development Fund. Each employer is required to pay to the Fund a fee not exceeding one percent of the payable earnings to each of its employees, as determined each time. The fee was set at 0,5%.

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Do I qualify for funding 

The employer:

Must be registered with social insurance services.

Employer activities relate to the course contents 

The trainee:

Must not be self employed

Be suitable for the course 

Have the consent of employer to take part 

HRDA Funding Procedure
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Please note that from 2022, in order to access the HRDA’s services and plans, employers and employees will have to be registered online via the ERMIS system. 

Please do let us know if you have any issues whatsoever with the registration on the ERMIS portal.