Course Title


Cyprus Bar Exam Course for non-Greek Speakers

Course objective

To aid students in passing the Cyprus Bar Exams. 

Course Contents


  1. Intensive Greek Language with a focus on professional working Greek. 

  2. Module: Lawyers/Courts and Ethics, introduction, terminology and substantive law 

  3. Module: Constitutional Law: introduction, terminology and substantive law 

  4. Module: Civil Wrongs/Tort: introduction, terminology and substantive law 

  5. Module: Civil Procedure: introduction, terminology and substantive law

  6. Module: Contract law: introduction, terminology and substantive law

  7. Module: Criminal Law: Introduction, Terminology and substantive law 

  8. Module: Criminal Procedure: Introduction Terminology and substantive law 

  9. Module: Evidence law: Introduction, terminology and substantive law 

  10. Module: Company Law: Introduction, terminology and substantive law 

  11. Module: Family Law: introduction, terminology and substantive law. 

  12. Past paper practice for each module 

  13. Q&A sessions for each module. 


9 months from October 2020 to May 2021: 682 hours teaching time (full course calendar can be provided upon request). 



3.200 euros (+VAT) - payment can be made in instalments. 


For more information please email us at info@eltrc.com

Application process 

Contact us to receive an online application form. 

Admission criteria: 

Students must be eligible to sit the Cyprus Bar exams in accordance with the Advocates Law Cap. 2. 

Bar Exam Course for non-Greek Speakers

By Lawyers for Lawyers

The European Legal Training Centre is now offering an extensive Cyprus Bar exam course for non-native speakers of Greek. It is targeted to law graduates that due to language restrictions do not yet feel confident to take the Cyprus Bar examinations in Greek. Details regarding practising as an advocate in Cyprus, eligibility criteria and application process may be found by clicking the link below. 

Practising as an advocate in Cyprus


The Course has been designed by Advocates qualified in Cyprus who have a wealth of experience in advocacy and corporate law. The course has been specially designed by university lecturers using their own personal experience in passing the Cyprus Bar exams with little to minimal Greek. 

The calendar year shall begin each October and shall run for 9 months until the June examination sitting in each given year. The course will consist of intensive Greek language sessions, for beginners and elementary speakers, detailed terminology sessions for each module, an introduction to each module, individual module training for the Cyprus Bar Exams alongside intensive past paper practice and Q & A sessions. 

Lessons are available both online and Face to Face in Larnaca and Limassol.

Fees are payable in instalments. Students receive intensive training consisting of 682 hours of teaching contact. 

Students will be mentored by all lecturers throughout the course and personal guidance and help will be provided throughout. 

Dates and times will be regularly announced on our news feed and social media. 

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