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Compliance with the fight against money laundering has become a critical milestone for the financial sector, and now more than ever, Cyprus Investment Companies, Alternative Investment Funds and Administrative Service Providers are subject to Regulatory Authorities in Cyprus and abroad, therefore employers want to train employees in matters of AML and compliance.

The aim of this course will be to provide a thorough understanding, for junior to senior executives, of current AML CySEC Regulatory Companies legislation and most importantly to offer practical solutions for an effective implementation

What will you learn:

  • Describe, list and classify the different methods and techniques of money laundering.

  • Recognize the warning signs of money laundering

  • Identify areas where the risk of money laundering is higher.

  • Recognize the importance of sanctions and their effectiveness in tackling money laundering.

  • Describe the latest developments in the field of AML

  • Describe clearly and accurately the laws and regulations governing AML

  • Be able to develop strategies to address the risks and dangers associated with money laundering

  • Be able to develop risk assessment methods and compliance practices

  • Review existing procedures to improve their practice

  • Justify the following practices regarding the prevention of money laundering

  • Cooperate with the competent authorities and AML organizations

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Length of study:


14 hours. 

Date and Times:


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Course Fee: 

300 + VAT - when paying privately 

Course instructor: 


Mila Paraskevopoullou, LLB, MA, Certified Compliance Officer (Advanced CySEC Certificate), Russian-English Translator in Professional Communication.

Admission requirements: 

Participants who wish to pass the AML exams should sign up for this course.  

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anti -money laundering (aml):

Regulation & Updates-CySEC AML Exam Preparation Course  


  1. Start Date: 15/11/2021 

  2. Hours: 14 hours 

  3. Mode: Live Online lessons

  4. Native Russian Speaking Instructor

  5. Russian Translations Available

  6. Fee: 300 + VAT